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Welcome to autism, we question everything, even identity itself, or the foundation of reality.

At least there's neat stuff, like energy aware-scheduling, AMD FreeSync and Google's Adiantum.

But yeah, it's not THAT special.

But we got 4.20 before so it's OK :blobcatsip:

@dirtycommo yay for you :blobcatrainbow:

I want to but currently I'm trying to figure it out

Wow Lay's lineal algebra book is really good (sometimes?)

...otherwise, and kinda ignoring the keyboard, it can be configured to be VERY usable on tablets, which lets me both ignore Windows and do more with the good old GNU and *nix tools

GNOME shouldn't send touch events to apps when I'm using four fingers to slide between areas tbh

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sorry I was reading the Wikipedia article on Mastodon and I'm tired :blobcat:


M ale
a to
s female
t presenting
a nipples
n etwork

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