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I've saved the troubling host SSH fingerprint and I'll be looking into the logs.
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Wait why is the server back now, what is going on???

Hey! Server is down, I may have been kicked out of it. I'm working on it but I depend on other people since the server isn't mine.

โš ๏ธโš ๏ธโš ๏ธ HEY!!! โš ๏ธโš ๏ธโš ๏ธ

I'm moving to a brand new Pleroma server!!! But because I've done things a bit too early, I cannot use the migration API and thus you'll have to refollow me manually if you still want to see me!!!

Please FOLLOW ME AT @xerz. ๐Ÿ’— Thank you lots! ๐Ÿ’–

@tromino my own instance, hopefully I can just migrate it all after verifying the server will be fine

It's now getting close to 2 days delay. I'm sorry I'm not here much but it's unbearable and I have to deal with studies. A migration will be happening.

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@paco oh, that would be really great, thanks! Please tell me about any details and requirements to take into account, would be great to give it a chance this weekend if it's not asking too much

@paco definitely hosting, I want to run my own (Pleroma?) instance and that requires time and money

15 hours late

If by Friday this keeps going I'll have to move out urgently

Show thread is now 9 hours late

help me I need a new server

I've downloaded Android 10 on my Xperia! Any reason NOT to upgrade?

๐“ฎ ๐“ท ๐“ฎ ๐“ป ๐“ฐ ๐”‚โ˜†
แด‡ษดแด‡ส€ษขส sแด›แด€ส€

Well, I don't know how to host anymore

If you think about it, the death of EdgeHTML means the death of Trident which means the death of NCSA Mosaic

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