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Oh, an one detail. They got 10% of votes at a region which has consistently voted left-wing parties for almost 40 years, making it possible for the first time in their post-dictatorship politics to form a right-wing coalition. So that's a thing.

About time you reacted, but at least it's accurate info (even though it downplays the influence of the Catalan controversy)

I love how so many people are joining Pewds' cause, seems down

There's a guy watching Shrek in classroom help

Hey, will be more offline for now on for a bunch of days. If I don't tell you I'm back and you find me spending too much time around here or Telegram or whatever, please ping me or something. See ya :blobcatsip:

Tumblr is banning all adult content

Highlight from their definition of adult content: "female-presenting nipples"

Nice just did a reboost without even being able to read the toot

That's gonna stay forever, isn't it?

Hey, Pewds' talking advantage of the extraordinary attention he's getting to donate money to end with child labor in India, not bad

I love the irony of strongly pushing file management metaphors for FTP but then forcing you to download files somewhere in your system if you want to open them lol

this is what happens when I get bored... man, I forgot that intro music

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