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So uhh

ResearchGate made some pretty peculiar suggestions for my profile picture

Christmas is now over

I should change my avatar

maybe I will one day

who knows

someone: *pets a kitten*
fediverse: hehe typical egg hehe here's your pills im gay

Honestly how are koalas even alive. Everything about them is a slap in the face to the concept of natural selection. They live on Death-Everywhere Hell-Continent. The trees they live in will literally just explode sometimes. How the FUCK are they STILL ALIVE.

tbh that game is 10 years old and it also kinda marked the death of the DS πŸ€”

Good news, there's [email protected] for contacting them apparently

Bad news... they seem to have a suspicious corporate structure going on (they're supposed to be based in the UK and US)

Alright, so there's no more official channels, but there's two pseudo-official ones: Telegram Support, and @TelegramAndroidTalk. We'll see how that works out.

In case you're wondering "duh, they're constantly receiving tweets, they may not even notice in the first place"

1) They have tools like Tweetdeck for that
2) Even if true, there's no other publicly available, official channel to contact them now. Thanks Telegram.

Asked them yesterday about it. As expected, no response.

The end of the story seems to be that it's just not possible to make an open source license significantly better than the AGPL for now because there's always potential loopholes when trying to define online stuff. Either you adapt your business model to open source, or do what MongoDB is trying to do and adapt the idea of open source to your business model - which the OSI finds unacceptable

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