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My needs are already outgrowing rio, I can modify the source code but considering it's X11 and the source code looks like shit it makes more sense to make my own thing tbh

Please, can we have Sequoia PGP already?..

GnuPG is driving me nuts.


List of OS experiments that I find particularly interesting (so far, in no particular order)

- seL4
- Barrelfish
- Redox
- Fuchsia OS
- Plan 9
- Genode
- Muen

I'm getting back into Coursera and you can't stop me :blobcat:

how did this even happen - sure it comes as disingenuous... but that's nothing special on ads

When everyone forgets about Minecraft I'll just create my own server :blobcatsip:

I can, like, *see hints* towards what I can do... But I need my basic lessons yet. Lots of practice as well.

that awesome animation was made for this review of Sonic R which you can watch here! glad Youtube finally suggested me something nice

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