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Here's the deal.

โš ๏ธ Focus cannot be forced, yet I need to work in lots of things that don't naturally come out on my mind. The more I fear and find myself unprepared, the more energy I spend and the less I can focus.

โœ… Make sure I don't even need to think about working and just go ahead and do it. Keep building a virtuous cycle of habit and confidence. Trigger this by properly distributing time and preparing my work environment beforehand.

@espectalll this explains every event that has ever occurred within my lifetime

I still hate that Google sneaked in Fortnite references into its announcement of Material Design 2

i've made a quick survey for fediverse users:

it asks no personal questions and doesn't collect data (although it does store a cookie so you can't answer twice). it asks a few questions about the platforms you use and how you feel about them, and that's it. you could probably complete it in five to ten minutes.

please answer truthfully, and feel free to share it with your friends!! :blobbun_happy:โ€‹

But hey. Snapseed works. And that's all that matters.

A cute detail of the Aurora Store is that it tells you whenever apps are GSF (Play Services) dependent or not

Sadly, most Play apps aren't, and most GSF dependent apps will unavoidably crash

WhatsApp seems to work without Play Services, I'm not willing to give them a number to try out tho. I do know things such as location should be based on it tho :thinkingcat:

Is there any specific Play-only app I should look at?

can't install microG, guess that if you uninstall Play Services you are opting out of all apps that require it

Now, there's things that are left unanswered for now. Can you uninstall Play Services with an already used account? Can you run adb somehow before the phone boots up for the first time, so you can make sure you have a 100% clean Android session? Can you automate the deletion every time you add an account, particularly with guest accounts? Is there any hidden backdoor I have yet to notice?

This is still amazing though, mind you

wow lewd 

wow lewd 

this is so forbidden and good it must be lewd

sorry for not CWing

btw the Play Store is actually called

uninstalling that too

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