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Having to reboot the computer so that Systemd initializes the $ANDROID_HOME variable in my account so that Flutter can compile for Android

The future

This was introduced because antivirus software would break Firefox by trying to force its TLS certificates as to be able to read/write all web traffic in a computer - now Firefox will just silently allow any certificates introduced like that.

Firefox 68 security advice! If you don't want to automatically allow MITM-introduced TLS certificates on Firefox, please make sure to set security.certerrors.mitm.auto_enable_enterprise_roots to false in about:config

apparently Breitbart had scrolling bar issues and Firefox had to fix it for them

Well, I never expected to see a "CW:" text in a Youtube video, but here we are. I guess it jumped from Mastodon to Twitter and now to Youtube.

Guess we have a tiny bit of cultural impact. Honestly, if we didn't we would be quite a failure considering the size of fedi.

Qt4 has been defeated. Peace has returned to the galaxy.

Oh hey, I got a Gab follower, that means I need to double the gay :blobuwu:

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