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so I guess something called twitter is down?

Twitter is down, friend camp is up 😎

Remember, kids: constantly clicking on the reload button in a website that is down means that you're participating in a DoS attack :blobdab:

We're phasing OStatus out of Mastodon (we've supported it 2 years longer than we've used it) which removes a lot of cognitive load from further development of features and maintenance #mastodev

The best part is that we're on a free trade agreement with Japan now so there's basically no customs

for the fellow muhfreedomers, that's actually $270 (w/ taxes)

The Switch Lite is available for preorder in Spain

...for 240€


> check MAL for the first time in months

ah yeah, more than 80 pending animes

what is a summer for, again

Just realized that dynamic libraries are only really useful if we can't assume that code will be safe and thus we need to regularly update them for all the software they're used on.

Take the security risk away, and whatever storage savings you get by dynamic linking seem to be shadowed by how hard to manage they can be, the performance overhead they can cause and the *extra* security issues they can allow.

lmao, I just learned that dealers wanting to sell Ford cars in the 20s were required by Ford himself to give an antisemitic newspaper he made and then he claimed he knew nothing about what was published in it


"a violation of rights in one part of the world is felt everywhere"

- Immanuel Kant ("Perpetual Peace: A Philosophical Sketch", 1795)

Flutter's way to manage views, widgets and layouts just makes a shitton more sense than Android's from a design implementer perspective – who needs recyclers!

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