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Honestly if I have to choose between Apple Watch or Samsung or Huawei watches or health thingies, I would much more likely choose Apple Watch

so I choose neither :blobderpy:

like, they're not sharing data that "directly identifies you", in case it wasn't clear

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the woman at the Apple scenario just specified, while talking about data Apple collects for health studies

> directly identifies you

yeah, they know how sensible that data is

Fun fact: my blog is now available over DAT! You can either go directly to dat:// or get redirected from :blobcatsip:

I'm starting to notice most people listening to music in the subway are doing so with wireless headphones

good :blobuwu:

I want to believe Stellar is good, but I can't tell if it has any significant architectural or organizational improvements over existing currencies like... well, Bitcoin

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but why

(mind you, I'm using dnscrypt-proxy instead of Firefox settings)

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Apparently DNSCrypt is set by default with Cloudflare via

huh that's neat

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That said, I think I'm going to enable Cloudflare via (because @applied_privacy didn't set their SSL certificate with a static IP), which while may leak to OπŸ…±οΈama still hides my traffic from everyone else, and then I could setup my own DoH server

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Oops, right, last night I realized I need to amend the DoH article :blobderpy:

For full privacy you need a static IP address for the DoH provider *and* set network.trr.mode to 3 (otherwise, it will do fallback, which not only leaks your traffic again, but it will likely not take advantage of things like DNSSEC... and if you don't use a static IP, it WILL fallback)

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I really recommend reading the OcapPub one, it's long but good at giving an idea of how powerful and helpful capabilities are

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Doing a bit of a recap of APconf, here's what is awaiting fedi:

- Datashards: encrypted, distributed storage that keeps the network alive even if instances go down (kinda like gossips in Scuttlebutt)
- OcapPub: As the name states, object capabilities (permissions you hand over on demand and can be configured and revoked) that can allow fine-grained control over everything people do on fedi and its apps

All good stuff tbh :blobuwu:

let's make FOSDEM 2020 Europe's premiere furry con
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