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#GNU #Guix reduces bootstrap seed by 50%! In other words, the size of
#binaries at the root of its package graph has been halved to ~250MB

Now landed on master!

Sony: announces PS5 will have 100GB Blu-Rays
games: first day updates

I wonder if QtQuick makes more sense for building a custom UI than web stuff...?

Activision πŸ…±lizzard seems to think that a hongkonger saying "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" is either offending or damages their image, and is worthy of the biggest punishment


James Baxter apparently also worked on this, that's insane!!!

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Spain doing something actually good

I'm beyond impressed, I guess things are indeed changing

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Literally the whole Internet angry at the death of net neutrality and him deciding Kurds should be killed too, while he's now been forced to disclaim his tax returns


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If I were Trump right now I would be absolutely terrified

actually if you top the specs it seems you end up spending the same :blobcatthinking:

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Only base Surface Pro X, not including keyboard, not including pen, not including an usable OS.

That's like, enough money to justify travelling/moving to America to get it all cheaper

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just so you understand if you don't regularly convert these, right now according to XE

€1149 = $1261.57

that's a difference of €239.14 = $262.57

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and it's like, $999 in the US, €1149 in Spain

thanks Microsoft, I hate this

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Apparently the Surface Pro X comes with Windows 10 Home and you have to pay for Pro


People who had to transcribe old newspaper articles into websites are probably the wisest in the universe

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