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I'm glad 1.3 fixed the startup times, because now I'm really digging the thing - I've been waiting so many years but it's already happening :blobcatcoffee:

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Julia is such a ridiculously bloaty language but it's also so fast and comfy and AOTable

There's been no posts in an hour and I don't know if fedi is dead or is dead

let's see for how long the government keeps denying that Junqueras is an EU MP

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Now that I have the slightest understanding of data structures, key-value stores sound nice

One has to wonder how would a mesh network work like using this

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Clearly, they *tried* to make it private by frequently changing IP addresses

however, most of us are still stuck in IPv4 (which is already exhausted: and those who are on IPv6 seem to be taking away /56 subnets like candy and who knows how quickly will they exhaust and make it easy to identify each subnet

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this is the kind of thing where I really really want @xj9's input

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OK, so, is having an end-to-end network nice for establishing direct communications? Yes. Is this what we get with IP routing nowadays? No. Could it be achieved with current IPv6? Perhaps, we could even get ad-hoc mesh networks. Would IPv6 allow for privacy then? According to 90s' IETF WG on IP, yes

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Question: why are we reinventing everything but still insist in keeping IP?

That includes me BTW, I've so far avoided touching that because I felt it would imply having to deal with current network infrastructure and that sounds like hell.

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I would probably be fine and just call it a day with these new, fancy protocols

except for the part that they still work on top of the IP protocol and that means identity-based networking instead of resource-based

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