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ok so I'm finally taking a look at .NET

I can't share a screenshot of it rn so here it is in text

~ > dotnet tool install -g dotnet-script
You can invoke the tool using the following command: dotnet-script
Tool 'dotnet-script' (version '0.50.1') was successfully installed.
~ > dotnet script
> Console.WriteLine($"Hello, my first piece of C# code in like {2020-2017} years!")
Hello, my first piece of C# code in like 3 years!

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Quickly looking over and I find this ridiculously in-depth and correct for mainstream pop media


"It occurred to me that someday there may be a version of Midwest FurFest where sexy, terrifying latex pigs werenโ€™t allowed to roam the corridors of the Hyatt at 11:00, or even at all, and even though I am neither kinky nor a furry, I was surprised to find that the prospect of this reality made me sad."

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I'm glad 1.3 fixed the startup times, because now I'm really digging the thing - I've been waiting so many years but it's already happening :blobcatcoffee:

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Julia is such a ridiculously bloaty language but it's also so fast and comfy and AOTable

There's been no posts in an hour and I don't know if fedi is dead or is dead

let's see for how long the government keeps denying that Junqueras is an EU MP

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Now that I have the slightest understanding of data structures, key-value stores sound nice

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