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I'm going to try to both be more specific about what I'm looking for and make it so it's broader and I can find new stuff.

I'm looking for an open source neogrotesque sans-serif typeface with a wide set of variants (particularly regular, bold, italic, bold italic, and all of those but for condensed), something along the lines of Univers or Suisse Int'l.

They also have minor annoyances like these: the "y" in Sophia Nubian, and the "a" in italic Perun. But regardless, I still don't have an open condensed version of Univers, which is the worst.

Biggest issue: neither seem to have condensed variations. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Funny thing, Perun is hosted at Dropbox, which actually uses Atlas Grotesque, a neogrotesque font that just so happens to feel a lot like Univers

there's apparently also Sophia Nubian as well

I'm impressed - how was it SO DAMN HARD to find these open source versions of Univers? Makes me think it may have even been on purpose, but I rather think that it's just that too little people have been interested and those who were asked to people who didn't want to make the effort to check.

here's the official Perun website apparently

and here's the guy who made it

absolute respect for this absolute πŸ‘ mad πŸ‘ lad πŸ‘



I was lied to

that's Universalis, a Futura-based font

First list has a copy of Universalist! :blobcatsurprised:

let's hope it works, is nice and has available source code

So according to two links I've found, there's an open font called Universalist-std

but I can't find that

@espectalll you mean you're not supposed to code bugs and then use the bugs as building blocks to build features?

have i been programming wrong all this time?

Huh, apparently Google indexes OpenDocument files just like OXML and PDFs

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