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Mmh actually. The API is getting DDoS. Cloudflare is blocking most if it.

These are script kiddies. This is not your website. Please show some respect.

People are already trying to push their "haha these SJW crybabies" propaganda with this

Please don't make this all about your political agenda, thank you :blobpopcorn:

alright it just went back in

but it's still not very stable

This is pretty sad, it was working just well a moment ago and now I can't even contact the admin

This feels amazingly trippy, I love what Madeon has done here, like a broken but joined back together voice surrounded by gated reverbs of love

oh no

is he really out

he seems to be gone from too

hmm, can't upload videos, I get 503s even if the size is relatively low, any ideas @angristan? Maybe something is down or running out of space?

Ah, they *FINALLY* have published that General Magic documentary?

Japan said "as soon as we figure out CGI it's over for you fuckers" and they meant it

Apparently this won't be done in the Cuphead style by the people at Studio MDHR, but instead by Netflix Animation with a more modernized style and led by Netflix with the Mickey Mouse shorts guy

(sorry if I can't reupload the video here, I don't know why but the servers are rejecting it)

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