Espionage 3.7.3 fixes the sporadic M1/Big Sur setup crash, hopefully for good this time!

Please let our support team know if you still encounter it.

We are no longer accepting customer support email from @gmail or @yahoo email domains because their servers are incorrectly marking our support replies as spam.

We recommend users switch to email providers who respect self-hosted mail servers and user privacy:

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I bring this up to point out that it's actually possible to write decent software.

I think some people think data breaches are "normal".

Let's get something straight: just because an entire village is on fire doesn't mean you should get used to burning buildings!

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Number of centralized data breaches in @espionage's 11 year history: 0

Number of decentralized data breaches in @espionage's 11 year history: no clue. is bullshit.

Our mail server is correctly configured. This is a @Microsoft / @Outlook issue.

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We cannot accept email from @Microsoft @Outlook / addresses because their mail servers are inappropriately blocking our mail server.

If you recently sent us an email from an or address, please resend using another provider.

Please note: our email is down at the moment while we diagnose an issue with our web host provider. We will post a reply to this toot once it's back up!

We are currently investigating a problem with our license delivery script. If you did not receive your Espionage license after purchase, please email: [email protected]

We're tracking down a Mojave crash during first-run of Espionage.

As a workaround, you can install the app using 3.6.6 first, and then auto-update upgrade to 3.7.

3.6.6 can be downloaded here:


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