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is political, it gives power to many, not the few. Right wingers wouldn't release their source code willingly. It's against their ideology. Yet, they are appropriating free software and the fediverse for their agenda. Do you want people using fdroid do something like:

They fuel stochastic terrorism. You don't need to take part in it. Consider that people are complaining because you made the wrong decision and you can make it right.

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Your daily reminder that there is no such thing as:

- data rights
- digital rights

There are only human rights.

(Which we must protect in the context of a digital and networked age.)

Folks pushing the former usually want your “new” rights to be lesser than your “old” ones.

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I'll stop complaining about the games industry when the means of production are socialized, the crunch culture is dismantled, and white masculinity is no longer hegemonic in it

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I'll stop complaining about gamers when I stop having to worry about edgy cis white men dropping slurs in multi-player games

why are so many stand up comedians so problematic?

ever just have someone call you a good girl and just huff like a brat because you arent eecks dee?

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imagine if Joe Biden went around campaigning saying "you should be getting a $2000 stimulus check every month during corona"

the election would be a pushover

but no, democrats can't even pretend to want nice things

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knude (knife nude), no ec 

i got the idea for this a few days ago and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. i have to say, i am *really* pleased with the result

Will be making pride flags for 2:1 phone screens if any one wants to request a flag for more specific identities and such reply to this toot with it! I will be making a gay pride wallpaper and an intersectional one as well!

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So I wanted to read a bunch of theory in the next year or so. And it would be greatly appreciated if any of my comrades would point me to modern theory that follows marxism, anarchism, and economics. Also philosophy that is relevant to those would be great. EBooks are preferred, anarchist and marxist book shops preferred (like ak press) drm free preferred. I intend to support as many as possible. Also anybooks in the anarchist library. Please retoot for reach.

CW detransitioning 

Im reading about detransitioning and honestly all the non terfy/"gender critical" types need to not be attacked and betrated by the trans community, because realistically abolishing gender would solve a lot of issues for both trans and detrans people.

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I like the idea of throwing statues of racists into the sea, but do we really have to wait until they're statues?

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bill help begpost. 

Hello, once again I need help paying a bill. This time it is my phone bill. (I use the hotspot as a way to keep connected) the bill is $111. Currently I have no money coming it because all of my work is workstudy based and my school is still closed down. Anything is appreciated. Thank you. (P.s. I have proof of the bill if anyone wants to see it.)

Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

Linux Bros 

All people should be welcome in the FOSS community, and that includes white people. But the thing is white people aren't discriminated against in the FOSS community, it mostly white anyway. PoC, women, and queer people are marginalized in the community. Not in every space of the community, but it 100% happens daily, it has made people leave. Most of computer science is white and male, so I can definitely see that insensitive comments and attitudes exist in the community.

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Linux Bros 

A bunch of white snowflakes upset about GNOME saying
Fucking hate the Linux community. Literally so fragile and complaining about GNOME not responding to "reverse"-isms. Good for them. GNOME isn't bowing to the privileged white supremacists who believe that we shouldn't stand up for minority rights because 'muh linux shouldn't be political!'. FUCK YOU White People don't need a safe space. White people need to learn to be better.

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