Denver just tried to decriminalize mushrooms and failed, 48% to 52%. If this is any indication of the direction we are going in public opinion will be for it soon. Marijuana fought a long battle of stigma and ignorance. But it's now legal in many states. I think it's time we fight to legalize psychedelic drugs. People are suffering from treatable illnesses, like depression, cluster headaches, and addiction. Let's get LSD on the ballot too next time.

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Does your instance consider user privacy the most important thing? Want to give your users the best security? Piss off the entire fedi. The best security is no one being willing to federate with you. :thinka:

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You are invited to #Funkwhale's first General Assembly, on May 19th, 6PM (UTC+2). This is a critical milestone to officially launch our collective, and we'd like as much participants as possible!

It's open to anyone, and the meeting itself will be text-based, so book the slot in your calendar, and come join us!

Everything you need to know about the meeting like the agenda, decisions, tools and voting process is available on our forum:


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airpods are cool because theyre a sign on your head saying to rob you

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Meta, Purism & race 

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Casual reminders: Lyft and Uber both operate at massive losses. Lyft and Uber drivers are striking on the 8th. Capitalists only care about their profits.

No shade from me if Lyft or Uber is literally the only option for your transportation, for whatever reason may apply, but *please* consider planning alternate transportation for the day all the same.

Librem One Will probably be funded. but we should raise awareness of the fact there are cheaper alternatives. Protonmail is free (but you can pay for better features), ProtonVPN is cheaper than Librem One, matrix is free, mastodon is free. Copy paste this, send this to librem one backers. tell them to get their money back. We can't let them not learn a lesson from this.

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turn ons: a united, politically active, internationalist working class

turn offs: cops, small business’s, big business’s,

Also realize no one will want to invest in such hardware if purism dies over this. JS

Librem1 is gonna become9 GAB if they don't just draw lines in the sand. Yes the lines may be hard to establish, but they have to be. Still free software is important, don't cancel your Librem 5, just don't buy Librem One. Protonmail & VPN costs the same or less, mastodon & matrix are free, & we need freedom respecting devices. No other company is trying as hard to liberate new hardware. Just wait for another company like this to exist before you boycott.


Satire about Racism, Librem1 

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Reading that Purism guy say "legally protected speech" over and over again as if it's a real class of thing is completely mind-boggling. It's like watching the Twitter CEO gaslight half the world all the time.

"Legally protected speech" still gets you punched in the face.

"Legally protected speech" still gets your business boycotted.

"Legally protected speech" still causes harm to folks whom it targets.

"Legally protected speech" can still be on-its-face harrassment because there's all kinds of significant harrassment that aren't even close to illegal.

"Legally protected speech" is something I'm not worried about here because I'm not whistleblowing on the fucking US government: I'm shitposting, making friends, and trying to figure out what keyboard to buy next. Fuck all the way off with this as a metric of any kind.
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If you order Grubhub, you're making wait staff and kitchen staff work for free. Drivers for Grubhub don't get compensated for parking and regularly get tickets. Not to mention waitstaff getting yelled at by drivers. Grubhub exploits working class people to make a profit. Call a place that has a delivery driver.

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hey kids doing “dope” is cool but you know what’s /really/ dope?? revolutionary socialism.

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@brainblasted @aral @neoncipher @mathieu @bob

Exactly. Not supporting Google's products simply means that people who use them will not use you app/desktop/whatever. Supporting proprietary services and libre services equally well provides a means for people to migrate from the former to the latter.

I'm sick of pretentious people who seem to have the capability to read minds.

@Are0h also this person blocked me after responding. That's like saying I can talk but you cannot. The irony of calling yourself reasonable.

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