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is political, it gives power to many, not the few. Right wingers wouldn't release their source code willingly. It's against their ideology. Yet, they are appropriating free software and the fediverse for their agenda. Do you want people using fdroid do something like:

They fuel stochastic terrorism. You don't need to take part in it. Consider that people are complaining because you made the wrong decision and you can make it right.

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Fellow whites:

I love #BernieSanders but saying #MLK would endorse him is ... problematic.

One, MLK has been dead more than fifty years now. There's no way to gauge the trajectory of his politics in that time.

Two, the sanitized-for-whites "politics" of MLK aren't the genuine article. MLK was a radical socialist. Bernie is a center-left Democratic "Socialist."

MLK was all for dismantling the capitalist, imperialist state that is America. Bernie wants no such thing -- all he wants is for the rest of us to share in the spoils extracted from the Global South.

So yeah. Don't presume to speak for a dead black radical and thereby dishonor his memory.


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Do straight people know that u don’t need to end a series by having the protagonist marry and have kids

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readin study on trans kids + 

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it's weird* how when a US war criminal dies its "don't speak ill of the dead" but then Soleimani is assassinated by the USA and there's an entire industry dedicated to pouring out op-eds convincing the public that this man 99% of them had never heard of before his death was evil incarnate


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driving on the left, and your kneejerk thought is "that car's on the wrong side of the road!"

Except it's the Internet, and there are no central authorities dictating what traffic rules functiin where, and everyone is everywhere. That poses a problem for etiquette, but it's not anyone's fault; the world is just a big and complicated place, and pressing YOUR community norms on other people for whom they are ill-fitting is not gonna change that.

So be thoughtful. Listen to, and consider the viewpoints of, people who you hold power over. Make judgment calls like "I won't boost this; my friend (who does NOT make those kinds of tradeoffs) will be triggered.

Just don't treat people of color like children when they express something you haven't considered before. White people should not act like we're not the judge and jury of race relations.

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Mastodon sucks it doesn't even have brands
:promoted: Promoted by Twitter

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in 2020 we are leaving reactionary communist ideologies like Strasserism and Nazbol where they belong: in the trash

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When you just boosted 50 of your own toots in a row and see your follower count drop by one

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there's "lesbian" as in "two girls having sex"

there's "lesbian" as in "two girls holding hands"

and then there's "lesbian" as in "knowing and saying exactly the right words to melt someone and reforge her, stronger and better"

and y'all, they're all pretty great 👩‍❤️‍👩

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if I could snap my fingers and erase one concept from existence it'd be "look busy"

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EFF has prevailed in lawsuits against the federal government, the FCC, the world's largest entertainment companies, and major electronics companies, among others. Take a look at some of our most recent victories:

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Ring blames the users for recent high-profile hacks...but if they took security seriously, hackers would not have been able to do what they did

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nudes, flirty, ec, boost and flirt =P 

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We added some new sections in the #PeerTube official documentation:

* S3 remote storage:
* Instances redundancy:
* Moderate your instance:
* Customize your instance (install plugins & themes):
* PeerTube logs (standard log/audit log):
* Mute accounts/instances:
* Controlled player embed API:

Hope it will help 👍

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