is political, it gives power to many, not the few. Right wingers wouldn't release their source code willingly. It's against their ideology. Yet, they are appropriating free software and the fediverse for their agenda. Do you want people using fdroid do something like:


They fuel stochastic terrorism. You don't need to take part in it. Consider that people are complaining because you made the wrong decision and you can make it right.


@fdroidorg Know that not taking a stand on this hurts PoC, Queer people, Jewish people, and Women. Understand that these people are the ones who will suffer. When a hateful prick says something that inspires violence (even if it's not intended) and a PoC is assualted, or told to go back home it's as a result of tolerating the intolerant. These ideas being mainstream emboldens hateful people.

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