Linux Bros 

A bunch of white snowflakes upset about GNOME saying
Fucking hate the Linux community. Literally so fragile and complaining about GNOME not responding to "reverse"-isms. Good for them. GNOME isn't bowing to the privileged white supremacists who believe that we shouldn't stand up for minority rights because 'muh linux shouldn't be political!'. FUCK YOU White People don't need a safe space. White people need to learn to be better.


Linux Bros 

All people should be welcome in the FOSS community, and that includes white people. But the thing is white people aren't discriminated against in the FOSS community, it mostly white anyway. PoC, women, and queer people are marginalized in the community. Not in every space of the community, but it 100% happens daily, it has made people leave. Most of computer science is white and male, so I can definitely see that insensitive comments and attitudes exist in the community.

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