@KitsuneAlicia Hey, I've read through. I disagree. It's easy to block Gab because they're well-known, but if you work with the assumption that the app developer is responsible for all user-generated content, it will never be compliant. That should not be policy.

If you think that this is only about Gab (which was never mentioned by Google and is in my opinion no longer relevant), please remember FOSTA/SESTA and what Tumblr had to do to remain on the Play Store.

@Gargron @[email protected] is there a way to break compatability with gab on the server side which would increase the barrier to running a server compliant with gab (like needing to modify lines of code.)?

@ethoslibre @KitsuneAlicia Gab disabled federation, didn't it? They already left the fediverse


@Gargron @[email protected] I didn't think so, but it would make sense, they wanna charge people instead of taking donations.

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