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Linux Bros 

A bunch of white snowflakes upset about GNOME saying
Fucking hate the Linux community. Literally so fragile and complaining about GNOME not responding to "reverse"-isms. Good for them. GNOME isn't bowing to the privileged white supremacists who believe that we shouldn't stand up for minority rights because 'muh linux shouldn't be political!'. FUCK YOU White People don't need a safe space. White people need to learn to be better.

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imagine having any faith whatsoever that the american government will do anything to help people if it's not both literally and metaphorically forced to do so at gunpoint

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Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

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Biden's "can't you shoot them in the leg instead of in the head" comment as a solution to police brutality is basically a perfect distillation of liberalism. like. I swear to god I've seen someone come up with that exact idea but as a joke to show how toothless liberals are

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Out of all the things Google does to violate the privacy of internet users, they're now in a $5bn lawsuit because sites can track visitors using Google Analytics while the visitor is using Chrome browser Incognito mode 🤯

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As much as people bash on it, I've been ruthlessly impressed by the DSA- especially local ones.

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Let's focus on some individual funds today~
Turi needs some help for secure housing. Let's get this lovely lady a safe place to sleep.

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Don't use cops as social workers, mental health counsellors or addiction therapists.

When you put it that way, it's clear that the only reason we're living through an epidemic of lethal police violence is that we chose not to do something about it.


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Reminder that Feds, fascists, and cops plant piles of bricks around protests to bait people into throwing them so the cops can riot.

If you see construction materials left out, document it, call the city, and have someone confirm it's been removed.



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Moral questions about protesting, police brutality, SA 

I keep seeing people saying things like don't do xyz or the police will hurt you.

And I get it. It's to protect each other... But if the police wants to hurt you, they'll hurt you no matter what you do and isn't that just victim blaming?

How is saying "actually, don't dress in black because the police are trained to focus they're abuse on the black bloc"
Different from saying "don't wear shorts bc men can't control themselves"?


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maybe once all the liberals are done getting traumatized by concussion grenades and chemical weapons they will become radicals and we can finally get down to work

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all cops are bastards, especially the ones in your anglosphere country that isn't the USA, even if they don't carry guns around on the daily

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Why the Left Needs its own Gun Culture 

1. You have right wing militias going up to governors packing intense amounts of heat. Now the pigs didn't do much which is in part due to their politics aligning closer to fascists than socialists, and the fact that cops are- in fact- human and can feel fear.

-They won't hear us, so they better fucking fear us. Yes they'll be more likely to act on leftists if we are open carrying, but they already act on peaceful protestors without provocation anyway.

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purism, gab, facism 


Imagine you run a computer company that is so open to fascists, that fascists directly and openly ask you to collaborate with them.

Imagine you're #Purism.

Hey @purism,
what's up? How comes Nazi's ask you to collaborate with them? If your position is so open to them (and it is, that is the reason they ask you), you might like to reflect on that.

How about having a clear position against genocide? That would be a good start!

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Managers who could only measure productivity by butts-in-seats are turning to surveillance software and always-on webcams to measure butts-in-seats at home. If you don't trust your employees and can't measure their productivity, maybe you are the problem.

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