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How Quantum Computers Break Encryption | Shor's Algorithm Explained

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Admins: perhaps you should consider blocking This instance’s policies could affect the safety of many of us on the fediverse. The instance automatically rejects both local and remote reports, meaning there is no way to bring bad users and content to the attention of their moderators. See here:

In discussion within their chatrooms, I received this response:

quick note about reporting (copied from other chat room): this is correct, after deep deliberation we have concluded that no company should control speech - we have a “stay safe” guide in the pipeline, but briefly, block bad users and report illegal content - in the long-term federated, community-managed blocklists are likely the answer

This does not seem right to me - if we’re subjected to their users, the only action admins can take is to block their server rather than have our issues addressed. This makes for a poor member of the fediverse.

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A former high-ranking Mozilla executive has accused Google of intentionally and systematically sabotaging Firefox over the past decade in order to boost Chrome's adoption.

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Hey are you a queer person and want 5000$ from Google?

Our project is doing #GSoC2019 this year and have two projects featuring #rustlang and some cool networking stuff.

DM or e-mail me for more info! (boost appreciated)

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Oh my goodness I've just learned a thing about The Matrix that causes it to make a lot more sense: In the original script the humans were used as neural network compute clusters by the Machines and as a crucial component of The Matrix itself.

Which is why humans who were aware of the simulation could control aspects of The Matrix - their minds were part of its foundation.

Unfortunately the test audiences had trouble understanding this concept so the studio changed the human role to "batteries".

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"I was TODAY YEARS OLD when I learned that FORTRAN variables were implicitly typed based on their first letter ( and I-N were implicitly integer (others were real/float) and that's why I've been using i,j,k as for-loop counters for my entire life."

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git tip 

I have this one repo at work that I have a *lot* of branches for, and I'm terrible at cleaning them up when I'm done with them

listing them by alphabetical order is almost useless, if I don't remember the branch name then there are just too many to remember which one I want

so I learned about `--sort`, now I can see which branches I've committed to most recently:

`git branch --sort='-committerdate'`

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It's amazing how many different research papers are used in LLVM, and they're often cited in the source code!

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Gotta admit, technology has gone far. These CFexpress 🅱️ois can already fit multiple TBs at a whole GB/s write speed, and the standard supports multiple TBs and up to almost 8 GB/s. And they also look quite cool, although they could be even better in colorful translucid plastics.

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Another genderless insult you can use at a carnival 


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I don't know what to make of this... The delivery driver put my hard drives... In the fridge?! Because the box says new egg?!?!

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A challenger approaches!! Learn the backstory behind The Most Controversial Article Ever About Mastodon (at least until this blogseries finishes #yolo) and everyone's fav trashgirl who wrote it.

New blogpost:
Fringe Mastodev – Part II: Enter Allie Hart

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I can't tell if this is the best pick-up line or the worst?

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I trained a char-rnn on podcast titles, and here are the (raw) results:I trained

some of my favs:

15 Bills 1 Money
36 Minutes In World with Dr. Showing
46 Monets Podcast
A Hom Thing Managagy
A Phecist Well-Podcast
Beyond Show - the Podcast

cc: @janellecshane

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So, checked out the new stuff shown at /build/, aaaaaaaaaaaand...

👉 Microsoft introduces KDE Connect, the world exploded with enthusiastic ovations
👉 Microsoft wants to read all of your Internet activity across all devices and make you think that'll make your life better
👉 Edge is now a window manager because fuck it

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