Giving this Mastodon thing a shot! Although the name is amusingly confusing for me as it’s also one of my favorite metal bands 😂

I’m Kristen (feminist witch), I’m sure I’ll just be tooting (😆) a lot about what I’m reading and witchy stuff... and the occasional doggo pic.

Some hashtags of interests:

@fallinharmony YASS GIRL!!! Fellow Witch and booknerd here!! 🙌✨

@fallinharmony Welcome! #fiberarts was the main hashtag for thread and yarn crafters. I haven't been active on it for a while, but think it's still going strong. and for reasons I never learned, #gameing is the big taking hashtag.

Welcome! :blobcatheart:

Enjoy your stay, and don't forget to follow back your followers! (That's a thing we do here) :blobthumbsup:

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