Hey mastodon friends, it's been a while! I've posted a bunch of articles and videos (new!) on my website since I last logged in 😊


Will I continue writing articles?

Of course! I've discovered over the past few years that I love to research and explain things, and having the flexibility to keep doing that on the side was a big factor in my job search.

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Why Netlify?

Great core values, the people are lovely, the product is lovely, it's obvious there's a great deal of care being put into everything - the whole process has been delightful, I am very confident this is the right move for me and I'm excited!! 🎉🎉🎉

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It's time for a new adventure! ✨

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm joining Netlify as a staff platform engineer. I'll be focusing on Netlify Edge: netlify.com/products/edge/ - which enables fast, reliable and secure web applications.

Can't wait to get started! 😊

for those of you who don't check birdsite: I've left @itchio, today was my first day of funemployment - I'm looking forward to finding my next adventure and writing on fasterthanli.me some more!

/me looks at "TwitchPlaysX" on GitHub.


✨ I'm going to be playing all games in the @[email protected] Midwinter Selects Bundle itch.io/b/291/the-itchio-midwi this week-end.

You get free clips of gameplay and I get to include a link to our already-best-selling bundle every tweet, sounds good?

Can you all send me something that made you smile recently?

(I'm going to be completely lifeless when I land, could use some cheering up).

See you in a few! ✈️ EZY2425

Also, LHR parking is actually 4GBP, not 5.20. I know, because I paid the first driver cash for their trouble. (Turns out, they got a compensation anyway...)

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The 20GBP credit is because I contested two 10GBP cancellation fees. Uber doesn't grok "levels", and it took the first two drivers >8 minutes to get to level 4. Uber just assumed I didn't show up and cancelled. Woo.

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Omw to my last flight of the day, which feels like the hardest (headache, feels like 3:20AM, etc)

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finally diving into the Kingsman movie franchise and, phew, it's a lot

it wouldn't be a proper flight if I didn't butler push something while waiting at the gate

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