Game developers who published a game - were you aware of the widget feature before this poll?


"it gets slightly better", the underwhelming but more accurate beacon of hope

Flurry of activity from my part lately, you might be wondering if I'm literally on fire β€” nope, it's just that mental health got slightly better. Let's hope it lasts.

Anyway, if you don't know what it is: it's a set of paragraphs, usually about a specific topic, that can sometimes span multiple pages.


Just prepared a monster document for Playnite integration, I hope Josef is ready for this πŸ’ͺ

(Masto folks, sorry, the first post of this thread is a quote RT so it got lost in translation bc of my Moa settings)

The monopoly situation has been in place for a while - nobody should expect it to change overnight. Bigger budgets than ours have tried and failed. We could've taken a payoff and bailed out multiple times, but we prefer to stay and take care of our customers (devs and players).

If your main complaint is "not enough folks know about it", you can help fix that! Have your game on it? Make sure to include it in all promo material. Have dev friends? Tell them about itch! See something cool on there? Signal boost it!

In general, don't hesitate to reach out. Sometimes we'll say no, or "not yet" - it's a big part of the job. Sometimes it's something we can easily add. And sometimes it's already there and we can just show it to you / figure out how to showcase it better!

Every time a "money upfront" exclusive deal is struck, 100 new creators make their first sale.

Every time someone writes "the first real threat to steam" my powers increase by 6%

The only DRM I know of that nobody seems to bother cracking is for expensive music software - and it requires a physical USB key. As a customer it pisses me off to no end :(

I'm keeping this thread for whenever someone asks me why we don't provide DRM

(Denuvo is supposedly high-end, and JC4 reviews are "mostly negative" right now..)

πŸ– When buying on, if you had the choice to pay less for "just" the game (no steam key), which would you pick?

(assuming both versions have feature parity, and that you know about

Quick reminder that is a convenient way to rate entries hosted there

(Enable tabs in Preferences for max multitasking)

I learned a bunch of new bamb techniques tonight, thanks Monte Carlo Tree Search!

also, fun tidbit, 9 out of 13 ratings including a grade for "humor", I'm aiming for a 1/5 star rating there

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