🌟 The @[email protected] app v25 has finally released, and I've started a series of post-mortems about it.

📕 Part 0: amos.me/blog/2018/itch-v25-pt0

...discusses the mental health aspect of it. It's a difficult piece. I've debated publishing it.

(itch app postmortem series)

Part 1 is up as well, it gives a bit of perspective on the project: amos.me/blog/2018/itch-v25-pt1

🌟 itch app v25 post-mortem series

📕 Part 2: amos.me/blog/2018/itch-v25-pt2

...showcases my development environment. Tools, methods. It's full of GIFs! Easy read.

🌟 itch app v25 post-mortem series

📕 Part 3: amos.me/blog/2018/itch-v25-pt3

...discusses unit tests, integration tests, and QA!

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