🖐 When buying on @[email protected], if you had the choice to pay less for "just" the game (no steam key), which would you pick?

(assuming both versions have feature parity, and that you know about itch.io/app)

I'd pick the game without the steam key. In fact, I'm more likely to buy games that doesn't force sell me something with DRM.

@fasterthanlime I'd buy it on steam, because it's drmfree & developer friendly & the app is super cool. I'm captive of steam because of the binding of Isaac sadly.

@fasterthanlime Because it's itch.io i'll be willing to pay more to support the creator anyway. Also having a steam could be nice !

@fasterthanlime I would pay the same amount of a no steam key version. Just knowing Steam is geting none of it is good for me.

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