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anyway, please buy the Midwinter Selects Bundle so I can keep coding cool stuff:

(also because these are very good games at a very good price)

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this is the "specification file". videos are downloaded once, cached to disk for future use (it took a lot of trial and error)

video processing is ~graph-based, this is the whole code (I haven't open sourced vip yet, it's a custom framework on top of )

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I wrote a custom video editing framework (in Golang, using ffmpeg) for the promo banner currently on

it takes a .toml list of video URLs + timestamps, trims, resizes, and encodes as yuv420p H.264 with good presets

had a lot of fun!

Any good games about surviving the sudden disappearance of the sun?

I'm way behind on raccoon discourse

Someone catch me up

I'm going to need to stop operating on several "4 hours of sleep" nights in a row

woo, the Antivirus Vendor club flagged my installer again, should I

A) automate submitting to "false positive" forms
B) mess with my exe until they stop flagging it gratuitously

Any plans for an Android client? Doesn't have to be a full store, just something that can download and update any Andr… β€” I've been tweeting about such plans for a full day :)

would you go back to toying with your own programming language? maybe writing a new one or has that ship sailed years a… β€” Mhh idk. I'm happy with the wave of new languages, I'd probably spent a lot more time on tooling, and less time messing…

is there any data on the developer/non-developer ratio on itch accessible to the public? β€” 9% of registered users have created a project page.

I caught wind of your mobile ux survery earlier! Is that project going to be open source? Would you want any involvemen… β€” yup! no reason to keep it closed-source

can itch add a patreon alternative pls β€” there's other things to tend to atm, but ask again later!

it is of the utmost importance to pronounce it lowercase, with the dot.

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