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A los recién llegados, hola!

Para que os encuentre gente de otras instancias que comparta vuestros intereses, haced un post con la etiqueta y presentaos.

Desde aquí podéis seguir a gente de otras redes como Quitter, GNU Social, Hubzilla, y casi todo lo que soporte OStatus o ActivityPub.

Ah, y podéis hacer cosas chachis como anclar búsquedas y timelines, filtrar idiomas... 😄 mstdn.io/media/atJUokcYnHNUJUT

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hey you

yeah you, punk

come over here RIGHT NOW

and have a good friday because you're WORTH IT

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Is the discount version of a decision tree called a choice bush?

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Hace mucho tiempo, os hablamos de: x2x: controlando las X desde otro ordenador http://elbinario.net/x2x-controlando-las-x-desde-otro-ordenador
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test posting please ignore

please ignore entirely

please remove this post from your personal memory

please comply or we will be forced to deploy the mind drones

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Using this because compton's own blur slows down performance a whole lot

Trick for window "glass" effect: use a really dark wallpaper and dark gray background for windows with slight transparency

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- latest pre-release fucks up /etc, /usr, /boot file ownership
- npm publishes pre-release as stable release
- drama



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Progress report on Mastodon v2.3: Search more, deploy faster, and polish all around medium.com/tootsuite/progress-

Fun story: first time I bumped into some Ruby code was when reading Diaspora's sources (almost 8 years ago?) and I found it... homogeneous but illegible. Later, I took a course on OOP with Ruby and I actually learned it, and it turned out to be so elegant it became my favorite language 😊

Apparently just turned 25 years old. Happy ! :ruby: 🎉

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Welcoming film and TV director and social justice advocate @Lexialex to the fediverse. She just made a principled move away from Twitter after they banned someone’s account for cussing a Nazi (twitter.com/Lexialex/status/96)

Welcome, Lexi!

CC @Gargron

There was this sign at Vondelpark, which is translated to some curious languages such as Afrikaans, West Frisian and Esperanto (first time I've seen a public sign translated into a constructed language!) mstdn.io/media/JUGtMWhaXYimt--

I just opened Mastodon for the first time in like a month. I just remembered why I like this way more than :twitter:

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