I've opened a backup account at @fdavidcl in case something breaks here at No need to follow me there now, just a PSA.

Also, friendly reminder to export and backup your account data from time to time.

@yabirgb @fdavidcl i was thinking about this these days. i read up a little on it but i didn't find an easy way.
how do you do it?

@jartigag I created an account on another server and exported from this the blocked/following csv file

@yabirgb @fdavidcl ah, i thought you'd back up your toots too. that's the tricky part 😁

@jartigag Don't know if there are scripts for that but my plan is to code one in python. If you want I can share it here.

@jartigag well just discovered that in the config you can export your data (it takes a while and an email is received when it finishes). Is a tar file with your toots as json and your key

@yabirgb that's useful as offline backup, but it should be a way to duplicate your activity in other account, just in case your instance close

@jartigag Thinking it well there are thinks like conversations that you can't recreate. The cool things to copy as I see it are toots without mentions and maybe likes?

@yabirgb you're right.
likes, boosts, toots w/o mentions and lists in a backup account would be awesome

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