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The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon

David @fdavidcl


Since everyone is asking, I'll answer here and hope people can see this:
- Node colors mean communities found with the modularity measure (e.g. blue instances are mostly japanese ones)
- Node sizes mean number of connections, not number of users

Full PDF: nofile.io/f/O7JfCcfq9AA/mastog

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@fdavidcl hey, I can see my house from here!

That said, as others have noted, fediverse, not mastoverse 😛 I run pleroma

@pea @fdavidcl It's probably the "mastoverse" as defined by servers that support mastodon's API. This would include Pleroma, but not old school GNU Social.

If the image was measuring the entire OStatus Fediverse, major GNU Social nodes like quitter.se would be visible.

@pea @fdavidcl i assumed the chart only had mastodon instances @ first lol

@fdavidcl are you sharing your code/tool for building this?

@alphakamp The tool for the visualization is Gephi gephi.org/. I will probably share the script to obtain the data, when I finish the analysis