I'm butchering the installer in Anarchy Linux so I can have an ISO that installs all my stuff :thinking_happy:

I caught yesterday's lunar eclipse using my father's amateur telescope and my phone!

Updated laptop with GNU & GPL stickers!

Wow MS just bought GitHub and it's already breaking

The mastoverse, as part of an assignment for a uni subject. More visualizations soon

Gitlab supports time tracking in issues by using '/spend' in comments and it's so cool

Woah Keras shows training performance plots in real time

Writing software to extract features with autoencoders as easy as this :thinking_dump:

- Open a Friendica account to see what's new
- Search myself
- See my post on Mastodon shared to Hubzilla and discovered by this Friendica instance

This model developed by @thebooort shows how censorship (deleted links among contacts) and astroturfing can alter public opinion.

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