Ah yes, the three genders: mujer, hombre & estudiante

I want to put together a home server to sync my files and maybe host some servers (nextcloud, funkwhale...) for myself, and I am considering using a Raspberry Pi4 or an Odroid XU4/HC1 :thinking_fierce:

Any impressions on which would be better? Is this even a good idea?

No os había enseñado mis plantitas! Tengo una albahaca y una lavanda ahora y están creciendo y todo :D

PaperWM for Gnome looks like a nice alternative to tiling WMs, window navigation is super intuitive although it still lacks some features from real WMs.

¡Ya tengo lista la presentación para mi charla en ! Aquí tenéis un vistacillo, espero que os parezca interesante :ablobowo:

Instagram runs all your photos through detection algorithms to provide alternative descriptions for screen readers... useful or creepy?

This is why smartphone screens are getting so big, right? To fit more of those popups

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