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I want to put together a home server to sync my files and maybe host some servers (nextcloud, funkwhale...) for myself, and I am considering using a Raspberry Pi4 or an Odroid XU4/HC1 :thinking_fierce:

Any impressions on which would be better? Is this even a good idea?

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Me he dado cuenta de que nunca compartí el streaming de mi sala en la esLibre!

Aquí lo tenéis. Yo hablo a partir de 3:28

CW: Periscope

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No os había enseñado mis plantitas! Tengo una albahaca y una lavanda ahora y están creciendo y todo :D

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La supervivencia de los más aptos:

No os perdáis este minijuego sobre los #sesgos de las #IA que contratan a la gente.

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Surprise, surprise, Raspberry Pi 4 has been launched!

Faster CPU, dual 4k HDMI support, up to 4GB RAM, USB type C, USB3 and (finally!) no more bottlenecking the ethernet port over USB2: full gigabit speeds!

Also: same old price 😍

PaperWM for Gnome looks like a nice alternative to tiling WMs, window navigation is super intuitive although it still lacks some features from real WMs.

Bueh pues me lo he pasado pipa en el , las charlas han estado genial y hasta hemos desvirtualizado a @ondiz!

Espero que sigamos haciendo cosas libres más y mejor, y que el año que viene tengamos :D

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Y aparte de quejarme de la cobertura privativa, pondré mi granito de arena en el fediverso diciendo que #esLibre19 me ha servido para conocer bastantes cosas nuevas, ver charlas muy chulas y conocer a @ondiz en persona.

En resumen, que me lo he pasado muy bien, ha estado genial. =)
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¡Super chula la charla de @mx_psi sobre circuitos cuánticos en !

¡Ya tengo lista la presentación para mi charla en ! Aquí tenéis un vistacillo, espero que os parezca interesante :ablobowo:

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climate crisis, Greenland 

Nothing to see here. Please go about your business.

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Ya está la agenda de "esLibre 2019" publicada! El #SoftwareLibre y #OpenSource moviéndose con fuerza en Granada de nuevo:

El 21 de Junio en la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Informática y de Telecomunicación de la Universidad de Granada.


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We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System
Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

#1) Respect the privacy of others.
#2) Think before you type.
#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

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computers men: i want to make a computer do a thing that humans do

me: maybe you should ask the humans who do that thing how they do it

computers men: preposterous. absurd

I know I don't post much on here lately, but I just want to take a moment to say that y'all are very nice people and I like reading what you write :3

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(h)ledger is cool because I can track where my cash is, so I have an account for the right pocket of my blue jean shorts and another one for my wallet. If I put 10 cents in the table of the entrance, I can just make a transaction from my short blue jeans to the table.
It is both awesome and really boring.

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You are my last hope.
I am trapped in this haiku.
Please send help. Quickly!

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Time to setup a portable, encrypted Arch install on that USB drive, which routes everything over a VPN.

I'll sync it with my desktop and have a truly machine-independent development environment on my keychain.

Anyone interested in a tutorial?

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