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I just did my very first 'for real' E2EE cross-signing device verification on Matrix with @[email protected] - and now I magically trust his other devices, and he magically trusts the three of mine that i've verified too! IT IS COMING...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ara4n/status/12208

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There is a world of stuff to see at #36c3, but Matrix assembly is a good place to start! Come and IM-IRL with us in Hall 2!

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Super exciting that the German Government’s trial of Matrix for use in the Bundeswehr (Ministry of Defense) and elsewhere is now public news!! twitter.com/heiseonline/status

🐦🔗: twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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„Eventuell könnte man sogar in Kooperation mit Frankreich einen datenschutzfreundlichen Messenger-Dienst aufbauen, der mittelfristig als gesamteuropäische Lösung eine echte Alternative zu bestehenden Produkten auf dem Markt darstellen könnte“, schlägt Kelber dazu sogar vor.

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MASSIVE news for the Matrix ecosystem today: @[email protected], the startup formed by the core Matrix team has raised $8.5M of additional funding from @[email protected] @[email protected] & @[email protected] 🎉💸🎉 Read what this means for Matrix over at matrix.org/blog/2019/10/10/new!

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It’s landed! Synapse 1.4.0 is here, crammed full of data privacy features. Check out the blog post, and be sure to take a look at the upgrade notes for this one. matrix.org/blog/2019/10/03/syn

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We have an AMA coming up on /r/privacy on Friday 16:30 UK (GMT+1) to discuss all things Matrix - particularly the conclusions to all the privacy work outlined in matrix.org/blog/2019/06/30/tig. Thanks to the mods for the invite! Be there or be 🔲. reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/

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I'd like to get in touch with other #admins of #mastodon, #matrix, #synapse, #nextcloud or other #foss instances. Sharing experiences is always welcome! You can also join me on my matrix chatroom.


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Which one are you using?

I'm trying to learn some Ansible atm, already bought "Ansible for Devops" and quite like it so far.

Does anyone have other ressources to recommend?

After my local roastery sold me finely ground coffee instead of coarse one by accident, I now managed to brew some delicious with it.

Took a few days of trying, but here we are. Should fix my grinder sometime...

Damn, Onsen is like the most relaxing shit ever. Another point checked on the Japan bucket list ☑️

First night in a capsule hotel today. Let's see how good my sleep is tonight 😴

Not a big fan of the current arc, there is a severe lack of Boogiepop herself. Hope it ends with the next episode.

I like the quite minimalistic OST tho, makes for a great atmosphere 😃

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It took a bit of work and it's longer than I expected, but here's my tutorial on how to setup your own VPN server with WireGuard:



I'm happy to see that the interest of my fellow students in Riot/Matrix is growing steadily, we're now 10+ people in our private uni community!

Which is (admittedly) not much (especially for an IT/CS major), but nevertheless a way better option for asking questions/sharing content than WhatsApp etc.

Thanks to @matrix for making this possible with the great community feature!

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Es geschehen noch Zeiten und Wunder. Das ZDF stellt den F-Droid Store inklusive 10 Apps vor:


Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten?!!

Just saw that Persona 5 might get a Switch release. I guess I'll buy a Switch if it really happens... 🤔

Same with Bayonetta & SMT I hope, lets see

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