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Hey #decentralisation folk, it's time for This Week in Matrix! Featuring a time-travelling DAG visualiser, a fun demos video, news on clients, servers, specs and MORE #twim #matrix matrix.org/blog/2020/05/29/thi

Irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, was richtig gemacht zu haben, wenn ich meine beiden Lieblingshoster jetzt im Fediverse vorfinde. Nice! @ubernauten @diekuh

@matrix Upgraded just now! Working fine here :)

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Very excited to see official confirmation of the @[email protected] German Armed Forces adopting Matrix for Instant Messaging!

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Instant Messaging mit „Matrix“ – die @[email protected] braucht besonders zu #Corona-Zeiten eine Kommunikationsplattform, mit der sie schnell, direkt, einfach und trotzdem sicher kommunizieren kann. 📱 Dabei unterstützt die BWI. #ITfürDE #WirfürdieBundeswehr bit.ly/35PfK0a

🐦🔗: twitter.com/BWI_IT/status/1259

@matrix Oi, this an early one! Looking forward to read what else happened this week :ablobgrimace:

@phryk Take a look at an alternative if you haven't already. I've had a lot less problems with acme.sh (way easier to also get Wildcard domains with their DNS modules).

@rice I believe shellcheck is written in Haskell. Don't know about any other projects currently.

@angristan Definitely looking forward to it. Encountered some annoying issues with Docker recently; Not enough to make me move my setup to LXC/LXD for now, but open to any input regarding both solutions.

@duponin I thought I read somewhere that they ramped up the minimum RAM requirements to 8GB, so that wouldn't be that unusual (still way too much tho lol)

@duponin Fine fine, watching some Netflix rn. How about you?

@rice Your comparison with SoL/Romance anime definitely fits (Can this guy really be more dense than a Romance Anime MC??)

I guess I'll watch the latest one next and then start from the beginning. Thanks for the tip :)

@rice I started watching the "Opening New Doors" season today and really enjoy the laidback style (binged half of it already oops), does not feel like reality TV at all. Can you recommend a season to watch next? Or is there any advantage to watching chronologically?

@codewiz Yup 👍 No more annoying ovpn hassles 😁

@codewiz I think there is Mullvad, AzireVPN, cryptostorm and NordVPN that I know of

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@angristan I think you've been an inspirational source for all kinds of selfhosted things for a while now. Atfer recommending some of your posts to my friends, I've received nothing but positive feedback.

So in short: Don't sell yourself too cheap ;)

@matrix Great Talk by Matthew here! Loved seeing the new features, can't wait for the final RiotX release and getting my hands wet with Cross Signing 👍

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I just did my very first 'for real' E2EE cross-signing device verification on Matrix with @[email protected] - and now I magically trust his other devices, and he magically trusts the three of mine that i've verified too! IT IS COMING...

🐦🔗: twitter.com/ara4n/status/12208

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