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It took a bit of work and it's longer than I expected, but here's my tutorial on how to setup your own VPN server with WireGuard:


I'm happy to see that the interest of my fellow students in Riot/Matrix is growing steadily, we're now 10+ people in our private uni community!

Which is (admittedly) not much (especially for an IT/CS major), but nevertheless a way better option for asking questions/sharing content than WhatsApp etc.

Thanks to @matrix for making this possible with the great community feature!

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Es geschehen noch Zeiten und Wunder. Das ZDF stellt den F-Droid Store inklusive 10 Apps vor:

Ja ist denn schon Weihnachten?!!

Just saw that Persona 5 might get a Switch release. I guess I'll buy a Switch if it really happens... 🤔

Same with Bayonetta & SMT I hope, lets see

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So, finally starting to watch Made in Abyss. I kinda hope it lives up to its hype 😁

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Good people, Synapse 0.33.4 is here. Enhancements to resource management and a bunch of bugs fixes. Check it out

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We just published a guest blog post by @Tutanota detailing their journey to provide a google free push notification service for their users:

Thanks a lot for going that way and for writing it up in a very interesting post as well!

Yay, Hardcore Syndrome 12 is finally available on Spotify. Time to blow up some speakers :D

USAO - Up in Smoke

Now that was a funky night, dreaming about containerising dreams...

The dreamer was aware of any (sub?) dream and could exit one anytime, or so I thought. Didn't quite work unfortunately.

Would not recommend ^^

(btw: Apparently I was using lxd for the dream containerisation?!)

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Daily reminder that you should not use Discord unless you like sending 100% identifiable analytics events for every single action you perfom in their app.

Achievement of the day: Getting a local matrix + postgres docker compose setup actually up and running.

Guess I'll test the general functionality/federation part with a spare domain next week... :docker:

Some blooming trees in the evening sunlight - Very soothing :)

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Der BigBrotherAward 2018 in der Kategorie Technik geht an Microsoft Deutschland für die kaum deaktivierbare Telemetrie (das ist die Übermittlung von Diagnose-Daten) in „Windows 10“. #bba18 @[email protected]

On a side note, Xiami earbuds are pretty good for 3€ a pair.

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