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Hi! I'm Phil, better known as Filippus on the parts of the internet I live in! 👋

I'm a Finnish student, here to talk about pop culture: mainly games, tech, sometimes music or even anime whenever I have the time for it.
I'm not fixated on any single topic, however, so there's a lot of ways we can get along! :blobmelt:

You can follow me on Twitter too in case you use it:

Happy 100th anniversary Finland! 🇫🇮🎉

Big day tomorrow, Finland's celebrating 100 years of independence!

Tried the new PPSSPP version that has Vulkan runtime support and some games that only ran half-speed now run full-speed.

Bless be Rydgård

holy crap I just completed The Witcher and it turns out all my saves take FOUR GIGABYTES OF STORAGE in total

I've made my decision. I'm getting a Switch for Christmas.

Here's an interesting porter with deep fried Mars bars as an aftertaste. Sharp with a pinch of bitter, pretty good.

The one thing I would have gotten out of any of these sales and it vanished

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Goddammit I found a Black Friday deal on Switch + Mario Odyssey for 310 euros and it got sold out

Even then 500 euros for a 32gb model of a year-old flagship is stretching it when phones like OP5T exist

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I am awake and yet it's dark outside whyyy

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