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no axe to grind, just a description of finding my way around the from a complete newbie and ultimately why I chose .

@fitheach I really enjoyed this, can’t wait to read more of your work

Trying to spend more time creating rather than consuming. It always ends up using more time than you plan.

@fitheach That is awesome. The #fediverse will only get better if we share stuff. I’m trying to post as often as possible

@fitheach If you're still interested in trying a Pleroma instance, is hosted by one of Pleroma's devs (kaniini).

Thanks, I'll follow up on that. The point in my blog was not so much about me, but rather that my impressions might be indicative of 100s or 1000s of potential users. You won't hear from them they will just depart silently.

@fitheach Oh ok. I think so far most people find out about Pleroma through other Pleroma users, so they already have an idea which instance they want to join.
Which could explain why there are no ways to sort the instances by interests / languages, etc.

"Organic" growth is good because these users are more likely to stick. When the next Cambridge Analytica type scandal hits, the fediverse should be ready to accept lots of new users.

Oh, forgot to say...
I've installed Pleroma on a VPS and I'm testing it for someone. 😃

@fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite @Gargron absolutely fascinating post, you've explored the fediverse and given and introduction for those didn't go that far like myself!

@fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite @Gargron also, from your post, given that ActivityPub is part of W3C, will #mastodon and #gnu social migrate to it? And what will happen to OStatus?

@thinkMoult @fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite the post is a bit inaccurate on that

mastodon uses activitypub

also federation/fediverse are synonyms in some cases, there is no formal definition. we definitely sometimes say "join the federation" when talking about mastodon and not diaspora

@Gargron @fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite so #mastodon doesn't use OStatus? What other networks can I connect with? Can I connect with someone on say Friendica or Hubzilla? How do I do it? Also, what is Mastodon shuts down? Can I migrate to another instance? Sorry for the barrage of questions.

@thinkMoult @fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite mastodon can connect to hubzilla, peertube, misskey, funkwhale - anything that supports activitypub. friendica and gnu social still use ostatus and we have legacy support for ostatus in mastodon so you can connect to them too but it's a bit 2nd class nowadays and ostatus is on its way out (old, bad protocol)

@Gargron @fitheach @officialcjunior @angristan @bobstechsite so is there a way to jump to a different instance in the federation? If say mastodon was shutting down?

@thinkMoult @Gargron @officialcjunior @angristan @[email protected]
Disclaimer: I am new around here.
Under preferences there is export/import for users you block/follow/mute. Also request for media.
There is no option for posts (which makes sense as this data is [email protected] specific)

@Gargron @thinkMoult @officialcjunior @angristan @[email protected]
To be clear: you're talking about Sean's Venn diagram which I included in my blog? It does have Mastodon within the ActivityPub circle. If an error in my text, I'm happy to correct.
I had a feeling federation/fediverse were interchanged but I happen to prefer the latter.

@fitheach @bobstechsite @angristan @officialcjunior @thinkMoult @Gargron

Yeah, the Venn diagram from @deadsuperhero is incorrect.

First of all, it shows the future. Some of it has come to pass since Sean's post was published (Mastodon, Friendica and Hubzilla support AP now), but we're not quite there yet:

- will have AP any month now.
- GS may have AP after this year's GSoC.
- postActiv will be able to use the GS AP plugin when it exists.
- NextCloud supports AP but doesn't do microblogging, just the sharing of NC-specific activities (yet!). [0]
- Socialhome is planning to have AP in the future, unclear when. [1]

Second, it contains a serious mistake:

- Pleroma supports OStatus and AP, not AP and Diaspora.

[1] simply says "future plans".
@deadsuperhero I think I may have poked you about this before. :-)

Only the Pleroma complaint is valid within the context of the Medium post, as the future as seen from September 2017 is about as accurate as can be reasonably expected.

Well, also postActiv should probably be in the OS+AP intersection together with GS. I never heard anything about any Diaspora plans, and there were any, it would probably be a plugin and benefit GS as well.

@notclacke , the last time I tried to propose it to the Diaspora team, Dennis kind of shot it down.

I'm sure they'd be more receptive to hearing about ActivityPub now, but presenting and proposing it would require a compelling story demonstrating the fediverse's migration to it, and a person dedicated to actually doing the development work to make it happen for #Diaspora.

Unfortunately OStatus is unlikely to work with Diaspora's aspect system, so that discrepancy would have to be addressed.

Late correction: No, Friendica currently does not support AP.
@[email protected] venn dose diagrams are wrong, vatt should we do?
(Sorry, I could not resist.)

> I'm not certain about this but Socialhome may be the only project I looked at where the home site uses their own platform.

It may not be obvious because Hubzilla is so different from other social network nodes (it sort of claims not to be one except when it is), and this particular aspect doesn't look like a social network node, but is actually a Hubzilla site.

Good to know. There isn't a "Made with..." in the footer nor a generator tag in the head which is why I qualified my statement. I was aware of the CMS type capabilities. I'll add a note to the blog.

@fitheach Yeah, totally understandable. The point that it doesn't allow you a direct look at the social network aspect stands.
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