Where on earth?

I was out and about today. Can you guess where I took this ?

You need to be more precise than πŸ˜ƒ

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@fitheach It's a Calmac short crossing ferry. I think they still have one of those at Mallaig, and there used to be one on the Dunoon run, don't know if it's still there.

You're right about the ferry πŸ˜‰
but way-off on the other details.

The Mallaig-Armadale crossing is about 45 minutes, but the ferry is a lot bigger than the one in the photo.

@fitheach I've done Mallaig-Armadale twice in the last year. That is, indeed, a bigger ferry; but I saw one like the one in your picture in Mallaig harbour. I don't know what route it served.

Small ferry at Mallaig would possibly be the one that does the Small Isles route (Muck, Canna, Rum & Eigg). No pun intended.

Diesel-electric? Didn't know that.

Rothesay ferry is a whopper, too.

@fitheach Yes, the Catriona is one of the new diesel-electrics. Small, short run, sheltered water - a more modern replacement for the one in your picture.

Photo and other details for the MV Catriona:

The Catriona is quite a bit bigger than the ferry in my photo.

@fitheach I'd go for Lochranza-Claonaig given the hill in the background, but I don''t know what sort of ferry they run there!

@fitheach Surely they're running the new diesel-electric ferries on the Dunoon-Gourock route?

The other guess would be Rothesay, but I'd have thought that would be a bigger ferry.

Must be one of the most expensive crossings in (price/distance).

Did they not have to put one back after the landslide a few years ago?

@Mark_Pearson @fitheach Oh, I hope so. But I always loved Iain Banks' Strome Ferry (No Ferry) running gag in Complicity.

@simon_brooke @Mark_Pearson
Great book, and not just because of the non-ferry mentions.

@fitheach @Mark_Pearson Aye. For me, it's Iain Banks' finest, and that is very high praise.

@simon_brooke @Mark_Pearson
Loved all IB except The Bridge, couldn't get into that one at all.

@Mark_Pearson @simon_brooke
That was, I think, the ferry rescue story. Landslide prevented bride getting to wedding via A82, ferry took her across the water and around the long way. Wedding saved.

Last year, the ferry crashed into the slipway and was out of commission for ages, during July. A lot of very unhappy people.

Deductive reasoning; Sherlock Holmes would be proud πŸ˜ƒ

@fitheach When you see great planes of water, think of the sea, not of an oasis. ☝🏼

Photo trickery, I'm afraid. I purposefully cropped the so it might appear like the sea. Corran is the narrowest point across Loch Linnhe, hence the ferry location.

South west of Corran is known as An Linne Sheileach (the salty pool), north east of Corran as An Linne Dhubh (the dark pool). Corran is at the boundary between fresh and salt water (sea). You do get kelp & jellyfish at Corran, so very much like the sea.

@fitheach I admit a lake was my first thought due to the mountains.
Yet, Wikipedia says I might still be right: "A coastline [..] is [..] a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake."

I didn't have this definition in my mind though when I posted my reply. πŸ˜…

Agreed. Old usage of coast means "at the side of something". Modern usage: coast is usually sea, a loch (lake) would be shore(line).

Language is an ever changing thing πŸ˜ƒ

@fitheach So are shores/coasts. What a match! 😜

In my childhood, I saw the lochs of Ireland btw., really enjoy the memory. 😍

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