Where on earth?

I was out and about today. Can you guess where I took this ?

You need to be more precise than 😃

@fitheach It's a Calmac short crossing ferry. I think they still have one of those at Mallaig, and there used to be one on the Dunoon run, don't know if it's still there.

You're right about the ferry 😉
but way-off on the other details.

The Mallaig-Armadale crossing is about 45 minutes, but the ferry is a lot bigger than the one in the photo.

@fitheach I've done Mallaig-Armadale twice in the last year. That is, indeed, a bigger ferry; but I saw one like the one in your picture in Mallaig harbour. I don't know what route it served.


Small ferry at Mallaig would possibly be the one that does the Small Isles route (Muck, Canna, Rum & Eigg). No pun intended.

Diesel-electric? Didn't know that.

Rothesay ferry is a whopper, too.

@fitheach Yes, the Catriona is one of the new diesel-electrics. Small, short run, sheltered water - a more modern replacement for the one in your picture.


Photo and other details for the MV Catriona:

The Catriona is quite a bit bigger than the ferry in my photo.

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