A small flower (~10mm) with a cute name:

Sneezewort - Cruaidh lus - Achillea ptarmica

Wort is old English for plant|weed|herb . Doesn't make me sneeze. The Gaelic name means "hard weed", and the stem is indeed stiff.

This plant is common in the , but I've only ever seen it along roadside verges. Maybe it likes fumes or road salt.


Photo from earlier today, but had to cook then eat dinner in-between times.

@fitheach ah, the light balance made it look dark behind the flower. Loving the local nature BTW, not my area of expertise at all

I took several flower photos this afternoon and the Sneezewort was the last one. The sky had darkened and 2 mins later it was pouring with rain.

I can manage flower photos, when walking the dog, as they don't tend to move as fast as critters.

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