That's OK, it's fertiliser (as is anything from other ungulates or ruminants).

I sympathise, we get all sorts of gross stuff deposited at our road end.

@fitheach Reminds me of this one I saw in Venice once. (From what I could tell, the sign hadn't been working.)

Obviously, just for tourists, too (not in Italian).

@fitheach That sign is not allowed under the access code.

In this case it is. The sign sits at the end of the path leading to the crofter's house. The house is about 50m from the sign.

Ok, that's reasonable but how much did the sign cost them? It looks to be of a higher quality than the usual ones you see, e.g. laminated A4 paper tied to a fence.

It is a piece of plastic with print on it. It maybe looks fancier in the photo than it is in reality. The box is for his mail, to save the postie from having to go down the narrow track.

The sign owner is a small-time crofter with maybe 4 cows and 20 ewes. His fields are left and right of the track and the house is just out of sight on the left.

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