@ainmosni @fitheach 1) It's Wil Wheaton, who cares? 2) Full of (learned?) helplessness 3) Shows how vapid his reasoning is 4) Continues his same behaviors and expects different results 5) The most whiny motherfucker I've read in a long time. Which is no surprise. 1) It's Wil Wheaton.


I don't know any of the individuals mentioned, including the author. As you say the story demonstrates some hypocrisy, but it should also act as a warning to all of us who want to see the Fediverse grow and prosper.

@fitheach @ainmosni Eh. I was very happy when there was just identi.ca. I've always preferred quality to quantity. 
Also I'm guessing people who care about the linked article are already on this particular bus and those who disagree either don't care or feel they've won.

@johnnynull @ainmosni
Quantity doesn't necessarily exclude quality and nor does exclusivity equate to quality.

The fact that some people may feel they have won is exactly the warning for everyone else.

@fitheach @johnnynull It's this winning/losing mentality that is the root of so many problems, not the least of which the state of US politics right now.



I can't specifically comment on US politics as I don't follow it closely.

I can see that social media sometimes contributes to polarisation. The Fediverse should be better than that, but this episode should act as a warning. Sadly, I have an image of the villagers being roused and getting out the pitchforks & flaming torches.

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