Only the latest technology here! 😁 #fax #facsimile

Need this to test wife’s office fax over voip T.38 line to her fax/printer. The ATA settings are doing my head in. We’ll hook this to our physical line to test. Hopefully.

I'm amazed that still exists. I'm pretty sure I haven't used a proper[1] fax machine in the last 20 years. I did do something with a modem card and some fax software about 10 years ago, but that was a one-off.

As fax machines go, yours looks quite pretty. 📠

[1] Proper means: horrible thermal paper that comes out in scrolls & fades after two weeks. 😉

@fitheach my wife is setting up a property legal business (Conveyancing firm). Legal practices use fax still, it’s in law here in NZ that if a fax sent it’s classed as received whereas email is not.


Aye, I thought it would be something like that. A faxed contract, with signatures, is considered legal in many jurisdictions. Why that should be the case is a mystery to me.

I wish your wife good luck with her new business.

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