(Link tax) and (Upload filters) have been adopted (with some minor exceptions). Disaster.

The fight against them will need to continue.

And now you understand why I say, that most Politics are corrupt or/and don't know shit about there own work. 👿🤬

Arrest them, beat them, only words or protests don't change enough anymore. We as a society are way past this point, sadly.

Probably, more the latter. I suspect many MEPs thought both & sounded like good ideas. So, bad decision down to lack of understanding.

Need to analyse the votes to better understand what happened.

@orbifx @BranTarik

Links are allowed "individual words" from article.

Only for platforms that host "significant amounts" of uploads. Exceptions for micro business/organisations.

I don't know what these mean exactly (& nobody else does either).

So in my Opinion, #Mastodon is an #Exception because there are significant Amounts of Uploads of Media every Second. Right? 😅😉

I'm not sure...
One instance in the (excepting, for example) might be incredibly small, even single user. Not many uploads, probably.

However, m.s is by itself pretty big. There is also the problem that some lawyer/judge might consider the whole Fediverse to be one entity. Then we would be torpedoed below the waterline...


Exceptions are those Ones that you can reach in real life, those ones that are still grounded with both feet. Those ones not hiding behind nice words and more often some bodyguards... List could go on and on. 🙄

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