by ComRes (30 Nov - 02 Dec)

* Implement Theresa May deal
Support 26%
Oppose 42%

* UK remaining full EU member
Support 44%
Oppose 45%

* Ask EU to renegotiate PM Deal if Westminster rejects it
Support 45%
Oppose 25%

All UK opposition leaders have written to PM to demand Brexit legal advice is published.

@fitheach So disappointing that there are still, even now, more opposed to remaining in the EU than those in favour.

No data to back-up this assertion, but I suspect Remain support in Scotland has probably increased. I'd like to see some polling on that.

I think UK wide: a polling question is quite different from what would happen if you had a second EU ref. However, I don't think a second EU ref will happen.

The shape of things to come?

This afternoon the government (ministers) have been found in contempt of parliament for not publishing the full legal advice on the Brexit deal.

Two Tories & the DUP voted against the government. This doesn't bode well for Theresa May's Brexit plan.

@fitheach what an amazing amount of brass neck though! Telling Parliament that for the public good, the full legal advice could not be revealed to the body that is responsible for making the final decision.

I'm still hoping you'll have to use that amazing mustard recipe of yours to make your hat more palatable ;)

Quite, quite extraordinary situation. A government (although technically the ministers collectively, I think) has been found in contempt of parliament. This has never happened before. What a time to be alive.

You're right about the brass neck, though I blame the fourth estate for not holding ministers to account on a regular basis.

I should think a hat would be best done in a slow oven and mustard might be a good accompaniment. I won't be putting that recipe to the test, I'm sure. 🎩

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