Always nice when folks boost one of your posts.

Annoying though when you then notice a typo in your original post.

Hey ho. πŸ˜ƒ

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@fitheach Delete + redraft and hope for more boosting. πŸš€

I don't like doing that if folk have already favourited or boosted a post, as it creates deadlinks. If my typo completely distorts the meaning of a post, I will definitely delete & re-draft.

@fitheach @lychee I usually try to add a reply with a correction to the original post with the typo when that happens.

Of course, that depends on people seeing the original post being interested enough to read the thread and see the correction.

The typo that brought this to mind was: "Goggle". I'm sure people would be able to guess what I meant. It's just when your post gets favourited or boosted you get reminders of your own typo in the Notifications column. πŸ˜ƒ

How often do you think people load a whole thread to see an individual post in context? I do it sometimes because I'm not sure what it is people are replying to.


@fitheach Have a favourite from someone seeing "Soctland" all down my notifications column...

The one that brought it to mind was: "Goggle". You'll know who I meant.

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