"You must always remember you are citizens of Edinburgh, city of Hume and Boswell. You are Europeans, not dowdy provincials."

Jean Brodie
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969)

@fitheach I think my favourite bit of the book is when Miss Brodie takes the girls for a walk across the Meadows and the Grassmarket past High Riggs where there's a job centre / dole office at which (though rebuilt) I was signing on at the time.
(Hope I'm remembering that right.)
Took me too long to get to that book. Only short but so much packed into it.

Actually, I took the quote from the film. I wondered if the exact same words were used in the book. I don't have a copy of the book, and I didn't find the text online.

The film credits state it was "adapted" from the novel and "based" on the play. I suspect all three were faithful to each other, but I don't know for sure.

Grassmarket -> High Riggs ->
I've only ever traversed that direction with several pints of beer inside me.

@fitheach @priryo my Edinburgh moment in fiction is in the Filth movie, where the main character walks up Victoria Street past a bookies, but most importantly, Dunfermline Athletic are trouncing Celtic on the TV scoreboard.

@kline @fitheach Heh. That one where the main character is off his head on drugs, perchance? That scoreboard sounds like a local set dresser having a laugh.

@priryo @fitheach Never knew it had been filmed. Consistently number 2 on my reading list. Hope this may bump it up.

@krozruch @fitheach I don't think you'll regret it. Spark wrote loads of other good books, too, she's been getting some love from Scotland (which she left and had an apparently ambivalent relationship with) for her centenary year.
After Jean Brodie give The Driver's Seat a spin for some serious WTF and an idea of her range as an author.

@priryo @fitheach Have a vague sense that I have listened to her read on the New Yorker... yes: That aside, I knew little. Had not in fact known she was Scottish. Great, I need something tolerably novella sized.

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