Where to begin?
I know, at the beginning.

This is a photo of Neachdainn the dog when we first met him. He was only 5 weeks old.

It was love at first sight (for us, anyway).

Wednesday is

Awww. Cute 😀

At some point in the future, I would like a dog.
So would the kids.
However, our life is such that we cannot fairly commit the time needed to give it the care and attention it deserves. Until I can make that commitment, it will have to wait.
I just make a fuss of those I meet when I'm out and about in the meantime 😀

You're right to have those considerations. We spend a min of 2.5 hours walking the dog every day. On top of that there are games and feeding and ... other stuff. We enjoy doing these things with Neachdainn, but it wouldn't be fair not to do them.

BTW Hamsters and Scotties wouldn't mix. Even your Norse god tough hamster, inside a protective ball wouldn't last two minutes, I'm afraid.

The Scottie would have great fun with the hamster in a ball. For a very short period of time.
The expectation of fun food in small rodent form might soon become expected 😝

It will happen at some point.
I am mindful of the needs of a dog at it's youngest and oldest stages too. When I can make it a full lifetime commitment will be when it happens 😀

I'd say a dogs needs are greatest in the middle years. Puppies don't need much exercise and neither do older dogs. House training only took about 7-10 days. Other "training" is an on-going activity for life.

Kids growing-up with dogs around, is a great thing.

It's the too little exercise that is actually harder. When I can only get out for limited windows of time, restricting my exercise to match the dog is the issue. Once I have enough time to do a short walk for it and something more demanding for me, it will work.
I know I would struggle to meet what I need for my wellbeing and it's at the moment.

@fitheach He's adorable. How do you pronounce Neachdainn?

The English approximation is: Nechtan.

It is a Pictish name, but we use the Gaelic spelling. Neachdainn is the origin of the names Naughton and MacNaughton.

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