With being so newsworthy in the last few days it got me thinking...

I quite frequently look up stuff on Twitter, very occasionally I go to Facebook and I've absolutely *never* been on tumblr.

@fitheach I guess I don't read any newsworthy news. I am vaguely aware that a site named tumblr exists, but I don't think I have a use for fan art? I'm not sure what it's for beyond the little I've read. Another open blog site.
I just visited the site. Couldn't get a look in w/o signing up it seemed, so I left.
I have noticed ppl on masto mentioning it suddenly though.

@gemlog @fitheach we are probably all a few years over the target age group for Tumblr TBH..

what is more newsworthy maybe isn't a commercial decision of a single USA corporate social network; but a wider issue that political changes in America increasingly appear to be genuine and determined attempts to roll back the "permissive society" of the 1960s (or at least some parts of it)

Ah, it's an age thing. You're probably right. I noticed that the Wikipedia article on tumblr cited Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift as noted users.

Can you explain the "roll back the permissive society" statement?



basically socially conservative Americans have loathed the social changes since around late 1960s (acceptance of LGBT, contraception, declining/popularity of religion and conventional marriage) and although Trump and family are hardly paragons of virtue, I do feel they are being used as pawns in a longer term game by these Americans to reverse the social changes in their country (some have been wanting to do this for 50 years)


Thanks. I understand now.

Though I have often felt the religious lobby is much stronger in the USA or, at least, more strident. Not a criticism, just an observation.

Europe seems more secular.



I think a big difference with USA is many areas seem to have very little effective public sector other than cops, council and fire brigade and some education, so the faith groups are left to contribute the rest and end up having a much stronger foothold in society. And maybe some Americans are looking enviously at other parts of the world with "strong religion, strong government" and openly trying to copy them?


@fitheach @vfrmedia heck, with the exception of a few outright eastern theocracies, almost anywhere is more secular than the usa - esp. if you count flag worship as a religion ;-)
Mind you, as a child in publically funded schools, we were made to sing god save the queen and pray the our father before classes began for the day.
Pledging your heart to a flag is unique to the usa I think and begins in kindergarten (or, so I'm told).

I noticed quite a lot of hand-over-heart salutes in photos of the Bush senior funeral. It all seems very militaristic.


@fitheach @vfrmedia I had zero interest; watched none of it. Someone I never liked in the first place lived a long life and died as we all will.

I didn't watch any of the Bush funeral either. When going to the usual news websites I couldn't help seeing photos of the event prominently displayed.

Even Sputnik news had a photo of the current & former US Presidents standing in a line, with their hands on their hearts.


@vfrmedia @fitheach @gemlog

I don't think the permissive society of the 1960s - if it even existed as anything other than mythology - outlasted the early 1970s.

The unifying theme this year has been a systematic attempt in the US to remove sex workers from the public internet. Both Tumblr and Facebook have adopted a similar policy this week, and I expect it's the result of SESTA and the political pressure to regulate content.

@bob @fitheach @gemlog

Even for Europeans I think it took well into 1980s/90s before social changes of the 1960s were fully implemented (*especially* anything to do with sex and sexuality), and maybe in some parts of USA where religious groups still have a stronghold it took even longer.

TBH having been online since early 1990s I am not totally surprised/shocked this has happened, and some Americans were also be fair warning about the risk of things like this happening 10+ years ago..

If I'm understanding the reports, the action by tumblr was in response to being dropped from the Apple store. So, that being the case it is Apple who is censoring, and tumblr buckling to the financial pressure.

@gemlog @vfrmedia

@fitheach @bob @vfrmedia
Bizarre that soul-less, greed-driven corporations are the moral gatekeepers of modern society. Something is seriously amiss here...

Except the moral outrage is reserved for a bared nipple, but not for maiming and slaughtering people.

@bob @vfrmedia

@fitheach @bob @vfrmedia
I didn't say they were any good at it...
Excellent observation bud.

There has undoubtedly been an influx of people coming to the Fediverse from tumblr. I've seen it in my home timeline.

My usual means for discovery is following links from already known websites or using a search engine. Neither of those discovery channels have ever lead me to a tumblr site. Do my areas of interest not intersect with tumblr? I wouldn't know.

@fitheach It is a very rare day that I look at my home timeline. I follow 60 ppl who keep me well supplied with their own posts and boosts of others. I can barely keep up as it is. When I follow someone new I pretty much have to drop someone else.
I know others do things differently and cheerfully follow thousands of other ppl, but I can't do that.

No, I really meant my Home timeline, not the Local timeline. I was aware of an influx of former tumblr users due to re-posts by the people I follow.

@fitheach I loved the flow of tumblr, certainly less vitriol than twitter.

I can believe that, even though I'm only aware of Twitter.

Is it possible, for example, that Twitter dominates political discussion and that accounts for two facts: firstly I've never found myself on tumblr and secondly there is less vitriol there.

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