Sunset over a Scottish loch with a crescent moon.

I was lucky to capture the last remnants of the sun in the western sky, with reflections in the loch and the crescent moon in an ideal position.

@fitheach - could be any Scottish loch, but I'll hazard a guess at Loch Maree..?

@matt that ist not Loch Maree. The Moon ist stand in the east in the morning and the main direktin for Loch Maree ist south to north. It must be a Loch form east to west direction @fitheach

@crossgolf_rebel @fitheach @matt Speak outloud the name of KRISHNA and google "Science of Self Realization online" and click the first link, the vedabase dot com one. You can read the book for free online and it will give you transcendental knowledge of God and how to attain liberation so you can be free.


I've never blocked anyone before, you have the dishonour of being the first.

We were talking about landscapes, lochs, sunsets and photography. Religion didn't come into it.


@crossgolf_rebel @matt

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