It is winter.
Time for a new header image for my profile page.


Here is the full aspect ratio photo that I used for my profile page.

My profile page header is a 3:1 aspect ratio crop of the original image.

One last thing about the photo.

It sometimes takes hours plodding through bogs, while being eaten alive by midgies to access the right location to take a Scottish landscape photo.

This photo was exactly the opposite. The view can be clearly seen from the main Glasgow to Fort William road. In fact, it would be possible to stop the car, lower the window and snap away.

@fitheach Speak outloud the name of KRISHNA and google "Science of Self Realization online" and click the first link, the vedabase dot com one. You can read the book for free online and it will give you transcendental knowledge of God and how to attain liberation so you can be free.
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